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"In SWALLOWED, the dancer Lily Baldwin directs Mr. Carbone’s dream as a “Rosemary’s Baby”-style horror movie, casting herself as a new mother for whom parenthood is a disembodying experience." - New York Times

"SWALLOWED captures a different kind of fury, following a mother (Baldwin) as she comes to resent breastfeeding her child, feeling detached from her family and society at large.... A disturbingly inscrutable coda connects SWALLOWED to the concern with stereotypes, and multimedia's exploitation thereof, that runs through this haunting collection like a fine, sharp wire." - Slant Magazine

"The last segment, directed by Lily Baldwin and dreamt by Carbone, is also one of the most ambitious. Of her conceptual approach, Baldwin writes, “People don’t like to admit how strange they are, and that reality is just a performance.” Her swelling fever dream follows a suburban mom’s descent into madness as her life is upturned by a creature or idea that begins to consume her. “The real stuff of us is non-sequitur, dichotomous, sexy, violent, peaceful, childlike, absurdist, fun,” Baldwin writes. “The heading of ‘dreams’ gives us permission to be ourselves and have us trust things that don’t make sense.” Utilizing her dance background, she creates an otherworldly experience that swirls dizzyingly towards insanity, but feels vital and somehow familiar." - Jeffrey Bowers at Vimeo