Sundance Institute and Jaunt Studios Announce Latest Additions to VR Residency Program

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It's on. No turning back.

Filmmaker and dancer Lily Baldwin joins forces with director and writer Saschka Unseld to bring audiences THROUGH YOU, a love story over a lifetime in virtuality. The project, which explores topics ranging from love and rage to passion and mortality, spans multiple decades, from the early 1970s to the late 1980s and beyond.

"Sundance Institute and Jaunt Studios have announced their latest class of creatives to join the Sundance Institute New Frontier | Jaunt VR Residency Program. Daniel Arsham, Yung Jake, and Lily Baldwin & Saschka Unseld will participate in the six-month immersive residency." -  Filmmaker Magazine

"During their immersive residency, artists will pioneer new ways of delivering narrative through cinematic virtual reality and receive a grant to make their virtual reality short films." - Sundance Institute 


It's all yours now- COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS realeased for free on BitTorrent

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"What began as a quick five-part web series evolved into one of the most original debut features of 2016. Now, the film will be available to the public to download for free exclusively on BitTorrent on August 9th, complete with bonus features, samples of the directors’ previous work, and the original recordings of the dreams they adapted." - IndieWire


Get not only the full film, but amazing extras like Lily's notes to dancers, shooting script, mood board, premise treatement, footage from rehearsals, and the above photo aka the parasite special effects reference.


"In SWALLOWED, the dancer Lily Baldwin directs Mr. Carbone’s dream as a “Rosemary’s Baby”-style horror movie, casting herself as a new mother for whom parenthood is a disembodying experience." - NY Times

"SWALLOWED captures a different kind of fury, following a mother (Baldwin) as she comes to resent breastfeeding her child, feeling detached from her family and society at large.... A disturbingly inscrutable coda connects SWALLOWED to the concern with stereotypes, and multimedia's exploitation thereof, that runs through this haunting collection like a fine, sharp wire." - Slant Magazine

"Spearheaded by Dan Schoenbrun, who, at the time of production was Head of Film for Kickstarter, the project assembles a hotshot team of rising stars of the short format including site alums Lauren Wolkstein and Lily Baldwin.... The films of this project are uncompromisingly experimental, blending the individual filmmaker’s established strengths with surreality." - Short of the Week

"The mere suggestion of new work from the likes of Carbone, Decker, Wolkstein, Bodomo and Baldwin is enticing enough to overcome any aversion to dream-telling." - Film Pulse


Vimeo lovers, watch the full legnth version here (a Staff Pick).
YouTube lovers, watch the full length version here


SWALLOWED screened at the Women of Cinefamily Weekend

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Blushing with exctiment.

SWALLOWED featured in a weekend of cinema curated by women, appearing in Show & Tell w/ Chris Kraus 

Women of Cinefamily Weekend presetend by BB Dakota!


MARY POPPINS- She’s such a badass protagonist, one of my quiet heroes.

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Interviewed by Brooklyn Magazine in their article BAMcinemaFest: Meet the Directors of This Year’s Best Brooklyn Films with the COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS crew on everything from neighborhoods to movie recommendatinos. Lily's movie pick: MARY POPPINS- She’s such a badass protagonist, one of my quiet heroes.

"As ever, the eighth annual BAMcinemaFest, running June 15-26, shines a spotlight on the best of American independent film, from hot-topic documentaries to studio-supported rising stars and regional gems. Also as ever, this year’s lineup includes new features from some of our favorite local filmmakers." - Brooklyn Magazine


SHE DOES podcast with Lily Baldwin: It's Not My Own Trip

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Listen to Lily spill her guts on creative process, beginning life as a dancer, and other juicy points. Plus other fun tidbits on their blog, like that Lily's spirit animal is the wolf. Lily Baldwin: It's Not My Own Trip on She Does Podcast

"Baldwin talks about the rigor and commitment of dancers, coming into film as a “second career,” the responsibility she feels as an artist to pull from her own experiences and educate, and “working your buns off” to be the ultimate version of yourself.” - Try On Who We Could Be in FIlmmaker Magazine on Lily Baldwin 

iTunes lovers listen here.
SoundCloud lovers listen here. 

"This omnibus is among the relatively rare such filmic enterprises that is to be counted a successful overall experiment." - VARIETY

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COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS == SXSW World Premiere 2016!! == First omnibus feature ever in competition at SXSW

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Lily on working with Misty- You can be who you want to be. Literally.

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"Working with Misty and the momentum that surrounds her has actually been breathtaking. Misty is a vulnerable woman and a brazen mascot for so many. She inspires dreams. She is a hero for the outsider—for anyone "late to the game," for anyone told "you have the wrong body." Misty's journey reveals a profound truth: If you work hard, your difference can make you special. You can be who you want to be. Literally." - Lily on working with Misty Copeland in Glamour Magazine

And a short vid on Lily filming Misty.

Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards

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Lily above with the other Women of the Year Documentary filmmakers Marta Cunningham, Amanda Marsalis, Jessica Sanders, Cindi Leive, Jennifer Baichwal, Alex Stapleton, Brandon Milbradt, Janicza Bravo and Marjan Tehrani attending the 2015 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards at Carnegie Hall on November 9, 2015 in New York City. Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Glamour.

 "The way she moved with Misty was unlike anything I'd seen. I'm forever inspired and changed by my experience with Lily." - read more about Brandon Milbrandt experience working with Lily and the other filmmakers in Here's What It's Like to Work With 8 Award-Winning Women Directors

"The first time in the event's quarter-century history that the date was officially declared Women of the Year Day by the Mayor of New York City." - 2015 Women of the Year Awards recap on Glamour Magazine

Check out the fancy official proclamation on Glamours Insta. #EveryWomenCan

MISTY COPELAND Women of the Year Documentary in Glamour Magazine

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"Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you." - Misty Copeland on being a Women of the Year in Glamour Magazine

Watch the full doc here. 

Last but not least, ✨Misty Copeland, in motion.✨ on Glamours Insta.


"... cranking out work that’s equally visceral and intellectual,  Baldwin seems poised to join the pantheon of reedy wise-eyed performance artists that also includes Miranda July." READ MORE HERE

OMNIBUS FEATURE Collective Unconscious coming your way: INDIEWIRE

Interview on Visceral Cinema and being a woman maker.

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Interview on being a dancer first and a filmmaker second.

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Interview with WIRED MAGAZINE on new VR collaboration.

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Vimeo's Short-of-The-Week!




"In this hypnotic film dance is used as a diaphanous storytelling tool, in which the dreamy narrative is at the service of the choreography; movement wafts through it." Gia Kourlas, The New York Times.  Read More.

SLEEPOVER LA is a Vimeo Staff Pick!

GLASS was selected for residency at The Screenwriters Colony in Nantucket.

Innovative new web series

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Lily will be working with 4 talented NYC filmmakers on an innovative new web series:COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS

Read about it in INDIEWIRE

Lily is named by ShortsHD as one of "The Top 10 Emerging Directors to Watch."


A great mention in the NY Times! "The web houses an array of dance videos including the stylized films of Lily Baldwin...."

GLASS. Lily's feature film selected for IFP showcase.

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Baldwin's first feature film GLASS has been selected for IFP's Emerging Storytellers at NYC film week this fall.


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Sea Meadow in LA!

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Lily is honored as a female filmmaker at AESTHETICA MAGAZINE

Come see SLEEPOVER LA on the big screen.

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EAMS Productions represented by American Independents and IFP.

Hollyshorts and SXSW

Sea Meadow will be presented again at SXSW 2014 with Hollyshorts through Daily Motion.

See here for details.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Sea Meadow screening, 2013, what an honor.

Sea Meadow in "top ten" at Milwaukee Film Festival

Thanks to Anna Sampers for including us in her list: Milwuakee's Top Ten Films, 2012

"Fellini Chic" Sea Meadow in Fashion and Arts Magazine

Aesthetica Magazine Top Ten Films by Female Filmmakers

Sea Meadow available on ITUNES.

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BEST OF SXSW at St. Kilda's Film Festival, 2013

Sea Meadow screens in the BEST OF SXSW selection for their 30th anniversary celebration!

Sea Meadow screens at Art Basel Miami

Lily's work is on LE BOOK!

HERE in affiliation with StudioProject of Stink

SEA MEADOW is available worldwide!

We are pleased to announce that Sea Meadow has signed with Shorts International for worldwide distribution. We have already received some lovely press in The International magazine.

SEA MEADOW screens in Europe

at Aesthetica Short Film Festival, November 2012.

Sea Meadow

wins award at Portland Maine Film Festival, October 2012.


signs with SHORTS INTERNATIONAL for worldwide distribution!

A film inspires drawings

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in Berlin with Stephanie A. Custance, she creates a body of work based on film stills from Lily's,  It Was At Westbeth called, Portrait of A Woman. Stephanie's collection, in addition to several of Lily's film stills, show in December '12 at Art Basel Miami Beach Davis Satellite Show.

Sea Meadow screens in Panama and Canada

September, 2012 at Festival Cinediva and The Atlantic Film Festival



Sea Meadow, It's a Soiree, Wilderness, Work on Me and It Was At Westbeth screen August 4th, 2012 at The Sommerville Theatre in Boston, Ma. Details

Lily shoots EPISODE ONE of her Novella Project

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Lily shoots music video

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Sea Meadow wins Best Trailer

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Sea Meadow screens at The Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles

in June with Dances With Films and on August 14th with Hollyshorts

Lily is in pre production for SLEEPOVER

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One night in a hotel. What happens when you leave the world you know? When you go to a place where you donʼt know anyone, least of all yourself.

SEA MEADOW wins best trailer

at New Media Film Festival 2012 in Los Angeles.

At Cindy Sherman's MOMA opening.

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Sea Meadow is included in an interesting SXSW dance collection.

Sea Meadow world premieres at SXSW 2012 in the Narrative Short Competition.

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Miami Art Basel 2012 screening

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It's a Soiree premieres at The Hangar in Miami.

Lily Baldwin of 'Sleeping With Frank' at the 7th Hollyshorts 2011 Film Festival

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The 7th annual HollyShorts Film Festivalkicked off on Thursday August 11 at the Arclight Hollywood with a star studded opening night celebration and packed red carpet.

Interview: Thoughts on Visceral Cinema and being a woman maker.

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Sleeping with Frank Premiere, NYC, 2010

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Sleeping with Frank

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Miami Short Film Festival, 2011

WOW Tour 2011 International Shorts Program, South Australia

Dance:Film11 Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011

Hollyshorts, Los Angeles, 2011

Winner "Shot on Red", New Media Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2011

Beverly Hills Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2011

New Filmmakers, Los Angeles and New York, 2011

Winner "Most Original Concept", Los Angeles New Wave International Film Fest, 2011

Winner "Award of Merit", Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, 2010

Winner "Best Music Video", Metropolitan Film Festival of NYC, 2010

"Official Best of Fest", Withoutabox

London Short Film Festival, 2011

Glastonbury Film Festival, 2011

Glovebox Short film and animation festival, Boston, 2011

Zero Film Festival, New York, 2011

Gotham Film Festival, 2010

San Francisco Independent Film Festival, 2011

Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival, 2010

The St. John's International Women's Film Festival, 2011

Indie Cinema Series, Los Angeles, 2011